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Message From Delta...

Hi Everyone,

I hope this note finds you all well and happy (no sadness allowed - only positive thoughts). Firstly, I want to apologise for the way you found out about my illness last week. There was no easy way to let people know and it was all so quick. I was trying to come to terms with the news myself, so I'm sorry.
Big thanks, hugs & kisses to everyone for your amazing and overwhelming love & support for me and my family. I am so lucky to have you all with me at this time. You are so wonderful & a huge source of strength for me . Thank you for your beautiful book of get well wishes, your presents and cards, and for all your positive affirmations. It has been the brighter side of the last week.

As you know the diagnosis is Hodgkins Lymphoma. I am very fortunate that we have discovered it early and I am going to be OK. I will have to undergo chemotherapy followed by a course of radiation therapy over the coming months. While this is obviously not going to be much fun, I also know there are so many others in the world worse off than me. I have a second chance and I will fight this disease and get better. There has been so much media coverage this week, and there is obviously more interest because I am well known. The media have been very supportive, and I understand that they are just doing their jobs, but there are many more people out there that are silently suffering with many illnesses. A positive part of all the media coverage has been the raised public awareness of exactly what Hodgkins disease is, and that it can strike anyone.

All being well, I will be out & about in no time, and hope to keep achieving some of my goals throughout my treatment.

I'm a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, and I am determined that good things will come as a result of this challenge. You know that I often say that I'm an optimist and I don't see the point in being anything else, so please stay positive and happy.

I will try and keep you up-to-date as often as possible.

Bye and thanks for everything .

Lots of love, Delta.

 Message From Delta!

Delta posted this message for her fans on her Offical Forum a few days ago:

"Hi everyone, I hope this finds you all in good health & happiness and that you've all had wonderful starts to this exciting new year. The Christmas period was so relaxing and so much fun, it's really been the best thing for me to have this time out to focus on getting better. I've even started to get out and about a little more which feels so wonderful- the rest has truly done me the world of good.

I want to apologize to you all for not posting recently, I am still reading each and every one of your messages but I just haven't been able to post back as much as I would like to right now! As well as taking it easy for a bit, I hope you can understand that I have to be sure what I post to you in the forum is not misinterpreted, so it is taking me a bit longer to reply to your questions. But I am getting there slowly, please bear with me while I take this time to get back on track - I appreciate your patience so much.!!! Most importantly, I want you to know how much inspiration I get from all of your beautiful & fun messages and amazing encouraging words. So to everyone who has sent their love and support lately, I want to thank you so much for being there for me. I am lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful, positive friends.

I look forward to talking to you all more as soon as I can,
Love and light

Delta xx"