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Film Star

Delta Goodrem was a picture of health on the set of her debut movie Hating Alison Ashley yesterday.
Shining in a pink dressing gown and blonde wig, a relaxed Goodrem offered a wave during a break in filming.
The pop queen plays the lead role of Alison Ashley in the movie, based on the classic Australian novel by Robin Klein.
 The film which is being shot in just seven weeks around Melbourne is due for release early next year.
It is a coming of age story about teenagers dealing with their self-inflicted angst, embarrassing parents, friends and enemies.
Goodrem who has been battling hodgkins disease made a tour of the city's new Docklands film studios with the media yesterday. Although she did not answer questions about the film, her boyfriend or her 11 month battle with cancer, Goodrem said ," The studios are wonderful ... I know everyone is really happy here ".
Billed as a " teen comedy ", Hating Alison Ashley is being made by Arclight Films, who also made Strange Bedfellows, Fat Pizza and the 1984 film that launched Nicole Kidman's career BMX Bandits.
The movie produced by The Wog Boy's John Brousek is directed by Geoff Bennett who is best known for his work on the television series All Saints, Water Rats and Wildside.
Goodrem is no stranger to acting, having begun performing at the age of seven. She has also appeared in A Country Practice, Hey Dad and GP.